It's a date Night!

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

Written by: Event planner Nakira

Traditional dates just don't work for the event planner like me.

“I asked him out and I had one chance to get his attention.”

I am Kira of Kreative Events, I can't just jump in your DM's and take you on a traditional date. If, Imma date you all 2018! I am going to make it a night to remember. I am single and found myself ready to mingle. I am a non-traditional woman and figured, hell... Let me create a moment and memory with someone. Tiff is a Chef, I'm going to book her and bring her in... Get a amazing dinner and start of this date with being 100% me, Kreative!

I booked the talented Chef Tiff and knew she would be just that, a Chef. Not a friend, homegirl who know's how to cook but a true professional. I expressed to Tiff, I wanted to do something different fun and unique. Only request was a mushroom sauce. Not only did we make a homemade creme of mushroom, we did a Stuffed Marsala (oven roasted chicken breast) along with Fresh Cut Green bean. The date was great, we learned alot and bringing in a true professional did it for great first impressions.

The FOOD was nothing short of what we expected it to be but my date and I was able to say, we had Booked Chef Tiff first. You can find the details below on how to do the same for yourself and your Mr. or Mrs.

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